+ What do I need to bring to my Headshot Shoot?

There are several things you will need to bring to your shoot, but first and foremost is your wardrobe! I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to make sure you bring a LOT of wardrobe options. To help you cover your bases, here is a starter list to make sure you are on the right track (please note these are suggestions and not a comprehensive list):

Solid base layers (t-shirt, tanks, cami, etc.

  • For guys and girls a basic black, white, & gray tank or tee is always the simplest.
  • Bring V-necks and Crew.
  • Ladies please be aware of any bra lines on your shirts (this tends to happen with thin material shirts). You don't want to have to pay for retouching on ALL of your images, so check your outfit and if needed be prepared to layer with a cami or tank.

Clothes to layer (sport's coat, jackets, sweaters, blouse, etc).

Something dressy

  • Guys it never hurts to bring a button-up, tie, & sport coat.
  • Ladies a nice dress can do wonders on camera!
  • We may shoot you fancy, we may not depending on your looks you want, but it doesn't hurt to bring it.


  • You can bring accessories (ties, scarfs, jewelry) but we will only use items that do not pull focus from your face.
  • Headshot trends and styles evolve over time and while some traditional agents and casting directors may not approve of using jewelry, etc. some do. The main point is to focus on who you are as a person / actor. We can always choose not to use what you bring. I'll usually make sure we get enough "safe" shots in before we go to accessorize your look, so either way bringing more options is always nice! (Especially if you want to get a quick edgier shot for your personal marketing websites, etc.


  • Seriously, if you trust a friend to keep you relaxed and having fun than by all means bring them by!

Food & Tunes!

  • I'll have bottled water, coffee, a few snacks, and a whole army of Spotify tunes waiting for you when you get here. If you want to grab a quick bite or coffee before you come that is cool and you can bring it over.
  • Please be careful when you eat to make sure your grill is clean so we see some nice pearly whites afterwards!

+ How much do you charge?

Please visit my Headshot Prices page for info on session rates. I offer headshot packages that can be very flexible to what you need as a professional artist. If you want something you don't see on my rates page, please email me and we'll figure out something that works for you! Also please note:

+ Do you provide Makeup Services?

  • Makeup services are currently NOT part of our offered packages, however we do STRONGLY urge you to hire a makeup artist to work with you for the shoot!
  • You may hire anyone you like (or in a pinch do your own makeup), just let us know what you decide.

+ Do I need to get my Headshots retouched?

Yes and no. It really depends on the photo and how you did during your session. If you are a perfect model and the stars aligned and you did not have a single hair out of place, than you may be fine. Every client I shoot gets at least a few of their headshots retouched (all my Headshot Sessions include a few free retouches).

The way I personally view retouching is to take a natural approach that will help enhance your photos and get them to pop off the page or screen. I'll clean up skin and stray hairs, make sure your eyes are looking amazing, but other than that unless you ask for it I won't dramatically alter your appearance.

On that note, I STRONGLY advise against editing the photo yourself, or letting a "friend who knows photoshop" do it. Retouching photos of people is a skill many of us photographers and digital artists invest a lot of time learning and mastering. A poorly edited photo sticks out like a sore thumb and not in a good way. If you want to have a professional studio retouch your headshots I am totally ok with that!

+ How much does Retouching cost?

I will include 1 retouched photo per look that you pay for. If you want additional photos retouched, it will be $30 per photo for most requests.

+ How do I book a session?

  • EMAIL me to setup a shoot date.
  • I prefer to book sessions at least 2 weeks in advance but will do last minute appointments as long as I can fit you in the schedule.
  • Once you reach out to me I will contact you to discuss your needs and dreams so hopefully you will have already spoken with your agent, manager, etc.
  • A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to hold your appointment time. If you need to change your time your deposit will be credited to the new appointment.
  • Upon arrival for your shoot you will be asked to sign a Services Agreement and a Model Release Form.
    • The Services Agreement will articulate what services you are purchasing and what you will be charged for them.
    • The Model Release Form gives your permission for MEMBER Photography to use the images we create on our online accounts for portfolio & advertising purposes only.

+ How does payment work?

  • We accept accept cash or check payments only. There is an additional charge for credit card payments.
  • Payment is due in full upon completion of the session and before you leave the studio.
  • Images will not be delivered until payment has been received in full for all session & retouching work.

+ Do I get all of my photos from the session?

  • We reserve the right to omit any images we do not feel hold up to our style and standards of quality, amazing, and professional headshots and final delivery of images is at the studio's discretion.
  • MEMBER Photography ONLY delivers DIGITAL copies of your images.
    • Delivered images will be High-Res 300dpi JPEGS for you to download and use.

+ When will I get my headshots?

  • We will send you a link to view & download your photos within 7 days of your shoot.

  • If the studio schedule does not permit a 7 day delivery you will be notified in advance of the shoot.

  • Retouched photo turnaround and delivery will be determined by the studio schedule at the time of retouch request.

+ Where should I print my headshots?

  • There are many great headshot printers out there in Los Angeles and the most important advice I can give is make sure you go to a HEADSHOT printer. Don't use Kinko's, Target, Costco, etc. Headshot printers are specialized in printing to industry standard demands and the photo quality will be much better than the one-stop shop stores.

  • I've had great success printing at REPRODUCTIONS or NOHO PRINT.

  • For postcards or business cards I strongly recommend GOTPRINT.COM.


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